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Saturday Matches 2022 Updated 

I am still receiving a lot of memberships from members who have not rejoined the Welfare yet.
Remember you are not a Member of the Fishing Club until you have done your Welfare Membership  
     I will not post any new membership cards back until you have joined the Welfare           

The Welfare keep me updated on membership renewal's on a regular basis 

Saturday Match Dates

Ash Lea School
As most of you are aware the chosen charity for the club is Ash Lea School in the village, we donated £205 Jan-2022  from the club funds having spoken to the school they are very grateful for the donation 
The donation is made up from a percentage of available funds & all day ticket monies collected throughout the year.

Car parking
As of today 16/06/2020 all cars must be parked in one of the three car parks, unless you have a blue badge 

Fish Stock Illegal Fishing
After several reports from members regarding poachers down at the lake I spoke to Lee from the EA who does the patrol's around the lake. I asked if he was still patrolling the lake which he told me they were, he said he would check the telephone reports to see if members are still reporting these incidents.

He called me last week and stressed that not a lot of calls have come in he also stressed without the calls coming in they will have to stop the patrols
To help Lee and his team catch these people I cannot stress how important it is that you report these people by phoning the EA.

Don't Phone a Friend, Don't Phone a Committee Member,
Phone The EA. 
 Telephone number 0800 80 70 60

Lee also stressed that you must phone the police on 101
quoting you are reporting the Theft Of Fishing Rights

Fish Theft
At the moment I'm receiving a lot of phone calls regarding fish being stolen from the lake.
This seems to be occurring between 18:00 & 22:00 on a daily basis, I will be speaking to the relevant authorities regarding this.

These people are not members of the fishing club and need to be stopped we need members to start patrolling the lake, if we are to stop the theft of fish.

At a recent committee meeting all bread as been banned from the lake. This includes Feeding & as an Hook bait, please pass this on to members you know who use bread.


I am still getting a lot of reports of both gates being left open,
all members must close and lock both gates after entry.
If the middle gate is going to be constantly left open the committee will have know choice but to take the lock off.

The members voted to Ban all cars from parking on the grass, apart from official Blue Badge Holders.

Can we ask all members to police this and ask any member who is not showing a Blue Badge in their vehicle to park in one of the car parks.

Can I ask all members to check the club rules regarding line strength & hook size,
At present I'm receiving a lot of complaints regarding members using the wrong tackle.

All Car parks are now open, can I ask all members to start using the car parks as normal,
under no circumstances should any member leave their car behind their peg. Apart from Blue Badge Holders

New Platforms
Can I ask all members to refrain from drilling any holes in the new platforms

If  any member has any photos from around the lake and would like them to go in the gallery please email them to me and I will put them on the website.

For Sale
If any member has any fishing tackle they want to sell or just give away why not put it on your website please e-mail or phone the secretary with details who will be happy to put it on the website.